Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hypnotist by MJ Rose

4 stars
Sequel to The Reincarnationist and The Memorist
Copy provided by the author/publisher in connection with Virtual Book Tours.

This review WILL contain spoilers from the first two books.  Sorry, I just can't seem to avoid them.

Another interesting story, but still so many questions!  We STILL don't really know what happened with the characters from the first book and there is only one more carryover character from the second.  (In addition to Malachai Samuels, who's in all three.)

And really, the lack of carryover feels VERY deliberate.  In places where it would have been absolutely natural to mention Meer or one of the other prominent characters from the second book, their names feel deliberately ignored, but I'm not sure to what end.

The common thread through all the books, Malachai Samuels, is still very much in the shadows.  He doesn't seem to be a main character.  And yet, he's the master of misdirection, so maybe it IS all about him.  One thing's for sure, he IS the Reincarnationist, he is the Memorist and he MOST CERTAINLY IS the Hypnotist.

And yet, the books aren't really about him.  At least they don't seem to be.  And he doesn't seem to hold the answers to all the questions you still have at the end.

Plus, he goes from the likely bad guy, to a good guy(?) to a bad guy.... it makes so little sense sometimes.

This third story was very interesting, again, maybe even more interesting in some ways, but it's still so very frustrating and confusing.

Overall, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed all of them.  I'm glad I read them..... I think....  But I am frustrated at the same time.

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