Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

3.5 Stars
R- 1

First of all, let's talk about the cover.  Slightly creepy, which totally fits the book, and totally stinkin' AWESOME!!  Gorgeous.

Now the story.  A dark, contemporary retelling of Red Riding Hood, this book focuses on the March sisters, their woodsman friend Silas, and the Fenris they hunt.

Fenris is an awkward word.

Scarlett is the older sister.  Scarred from an attach when they were children, she is obsessed with hunting and continuing to protect Rosie.

Rosie is younger and beautiful.  She barely remembers the attack that changed their lives and hunts out of obligation to her sister more than because she loves it.

Silas is the son of a woodsman, but actually finished high school rather than dropping out for a woodsman apprentice.  Which is half of why his siblings won't speak to him.  Which, as far as I'm concerned, means his siblings are idiots.

I really really wish I loved this book.  I wanted to, but Scarlett bugged me, Rosie was mildly annoying, Silas felt less solid as a character (though that's probably more just because nothing is from his point of view.  The narration trades off between the sisters.), and I wish there had been some more explanations about why they know about the Fenris to begin with.

The romance was a bit predictable and a little lame, as were parts of the major fight at the end.  And I really didn't love the epilogue.

It wasn't terrible and maybe I'm overthinking it, but it just didn't quite click for me.

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  1. Aw, I liked it. I thought it was kick ass and I felt so sorry for Scarlett. Sorry you didn't like it.

  2. I didn't hate it. I wanted to love it, but just couldn't!

    Really, it's the stuff that felt unexplained that bugged me more than anything else!

  3. I've heard responses all across the board on this one, everything from the strong ones on either side and the mild in the middle, have you read the discussion over at the The Book Smugglers about Sisters Red? I haven't read this one yet but all the talk about it and the varying degrees of hot and cold has me more interested, I wonder where I'll fall :) Lovely review

  4. Yeah, I read their review the other day. I didn't really feel like the victims were being blamed and stuff, that part of the book didn't really bother me, but I can see what they're saying.
    I'm curious to see where you'll fall on the spectrum too! You'll have to let me know once you read it.

  5. I actually really liked this book, though I felt the same way about Silas.

  6. Yeah, I can't if Silas wasn't very well developed or if it's just the fact that he's the only main character who isn't a narrator.