Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sisters Red Discussion

Here's my response to the questions NotNessie posed about Sisters Red (my answers in purple).  This q/a has some MAJOR SERIOUS SPOILERS so stop reading now if you don't want to know!

-Was the book scarier than you were expecting?  No, in fact after hearing people say it was really dark and graphic, it ended not being as bad as I was expecting.

-Which of the two sisters did you relate to more? Why?  I'm not really sure I relate to either of them.  I think everyone feels on the outside sometimes and, let's face it, all women have something about their physical appearance that they'd like to change, but both of them seemed to take feelings to extremes a bit.

-What did you think of the relationship dynamics between Scarlett and Rosie?  Believable, if somewhat dysfunctional.  At some point, Scarlett really had to let go.  Something was bound to pull Rosie away sooner or later, since she wasn't as obsessed as her sister.

-Obviously this wasn't a straight up fairy tale retelling, but what did you think of the way the bits of Red Riding Hood were worked in?  I liked it.  The basket of cookies in the woods stuff was kind of fun. 

-What was your favorite moment in the story?  I liked Rosie's origami class.  The sudden blissful feeling of "this is what it is to be normal" and the chipping away with each fold of paper.... I really liked the way that was written.

-Was there anything about the book you really didn't like?  Scarlett got on my nerves.  Rosie too, sometimes, but not as much as Scarlett.  And the romance was a little lame, but that's alright.  I also found bits really predictable (like the romance) and other bits just not explained well at all.  (WHY does Oma March know all about the Fenris?  Somehow I doubt Pa Reynolds mentioned it in casual conversation....)

-Did you see the ending coming, or was it a surprise?  The thing with Silas?  Nah, I'd already thought of it.  I really wasn't surprised.  And his whole getting bitten and then "oh wait, it's after 11:41", kind of lame.  And I'd already figured out that if the fight was long enough the wolves would run out of time before biting him.  Does anyone else find it really weird that the moon phase ended at precisely 11:41?  Or was it just me?

ETA- I kind of thought Scarlett was going to die in the end.  Of course, that's before I realized there will likely be a sequel, which you couldn't do without Scarlett.

-Did you like the ending?  Um.... yes and no.  The stuff with Silas and the final fight and all was fine, but the epilogue thing with Scarlett back in the dingy apartment and Silas and Rosie traveling the world, I didn't love that.  It was interestingly written (though confusing at 1 in the morning...) but I had issues with a) Rosie's only 16, people! b) why did Scarlett leave the cottage? Did they just leave the cottage empty? and c) what exactly are they living on? They don't get paid to hunt and the money from Silas' house is only going to get you so far traveling the world.

What are your thoughts?  Did YOU like the ending?  Tell me what you think in the comments and find more discussion over at Today's Adventure!

ETA (again)-- WHAT IF Silas HAD been bitten and become a Fenris???  It may have been a more interesting ending if they had to find a way to save his soul......
What do you think?


  1. I thought the romance was lame too. That was my only real problem with it.
    Also I figured Pa Reynolds told Oma March about the Fenris because she lived so close to a Potential and had the two girls.

  2. I thought the relationship between the sisters was way more interesting than the romance, for sure.

    The way the epilogue was written WAS really confusing at first. I had to go over it three times before I figured out what was going on =o)

  3. @Andrea- yeah I guess so. Just seemed weird that she knew all about it. I wish they'd given more backstory there.

    @Not Nessie- I'm so glad I wasn't the only one confused by the epilogue! Cool way to write it, but dang if I didn't have to read the first paragraph like 4 times!

  4. I'm with you on the romance. I loved the sisters relationship more. And the ending left something to be desired. And yet I still liked it :)

  5. Maybe I'm overthinking the book... It's one of those where the more I thought about it after finishing, the less I liked it. *shrug*

  6. ETA (again)-- WHAT IF Silas HAD been bitten and become a Fenris??? It may have been a more interesting ending if they had to find a way to save his soul......

    What do you think?