Monday, October 4, 2010

My Mommy Hung the Moon by Jamie Lee Curtis

5 stars
Picture book
Copy provided for review by the publisher

Okay, I'm not normally one for the sweet/sappy lovey-dovey books, but this one is really cute.  And pretty funny too. :)

The story is cute and sweet and silly and the illustrations (by Laura Cornell) are fabulous.  (The little picture of the aliens tucked in under the bandaid cracked me up!)

This book is the perfect gift for any mom, especially one who collects picture books, like, say, mine.  :)  (Shhhh, nobody say anything.)

PERFECT for Mother's Day, but that's forever far away, so I'd go with Christmas... or Thanksgiving.... or Happy October.  Or something.  :)

This is actually the first of Jamie Lee Curtis' picture books I've read, but I've heard great things about Big Words for Little People as well.


  1. We'll have to check it out! Wow, a mom who collects picture books. No wonder you love books so much. :)

  2. :)
    She has shelves of them. She also collects moose, so we got her Duck Duck Moose for her birthday. It's a cute book. They take a road trip to Florida.