Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday with Boo and Mister-- An "In Our Mailbox" Review

First things first, HUGE THANKS to Harper Collins for sending this one to us!!  Boo and Mister are, shall we say OBSESSED with Halloween and they were both EXTREMELY excited to see this adorable book!

Boo says 5 stars
Mommy says 5 stars

Boo's favorite part- Splat's spider costume.  She thinks perhaps this is a good idea for Baby J for Halloween.

Mister's favorite part- the spider (not the costume, the other one with purple on it), the mouse and the "Jack pumpkin pie".  (He means jack-o-lantern, lol.)

Mommy's favorite part- the teacher.  I just think "Mrs. Wimpydimple" is really fun to say. :)

This is an absolutely fabulous little picture book!!  For any kid who loves Halloween, loves Splat, or just plain loves fun books! 

I would also really recommend this one for kids who get a little scared at Halloween.  Splat has a definite knack for making scary things very funny!

All-in-all, a super cute Halloween book for anybody and everybody.


  1. Oh, how sweet! I miss sharing Halloween picture books with my daughter, it just isn't the same now.

  2. I guess it wouldn't be once they get big! :(

    I think Splat's for everyone, though. :D