Monday, December 13, 2010

The Active, Creatie Child by Stephanie Vlahov

I'm not going to rate this one.  Sorry.  :)

Part memoir, part parenting book, this slim volume is subtitled "Parenting in perpetual motion" for an excellent reason.  Active, creative children are ACTIVE! lol

I know, because I have one.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I have 2.... maybe even 2 1/2.  (No, I don't have half a child, but I do have a child who, while more mellow than his sisters, is still sensitive and insanely dramatic.)

Here's why I'm not rating this book-- parenting is subjective.  What works for me isn't going to necessarily work for you and vice versa.  So how do you rate a book about parenting?  I'm just not going to do it.

That said, I got some great ideas in this book and also found things that just aren't going to work for me.  And that's fine.

I did have a hard time following it in places-- it seemed to jump between memoir and parenting book and sometimes that really threw me off.  But that's likely just me.

Some of the examples given to describe the active, creative child really apply to all children-- I mean, what child hasn't pretended to be a dog at one point or another?-- so I think most parents could benefit from at least looking through this, but it is geared to parents of kids who are kind of all over the place.

Like I said, I have some of those.  The most recent active/creative "oh please don't say that to that person's face" moment with Boo-- they made gingerbread men (okay, one man, one woman) and when they went to get them out of the oven (this is at school) they had disappeared.

Boo's theory?  The lunch ladies are lying because they just wanted to eat the cookies.

While that's hilarious, I must confess to praying she didn't run into the lunch ladies since the child has no filter and you wouldn't believe the way she gives people a piece of her mind.  (She phrases it like that too.  Heaven help us all.)

Luckily, she's gotten over this particular theory, but it's a good example of an active/creative child's reasoning.

Or lack thereof.  Whichever.

Anyway-- if you have a precocious crazy person on your hands, like me, you may want to check this one out.  :)

Copy provided for review through Virtual Book Tours.


  1. Can't say I disagreed with anything the author said in her book. It all sounded reasonable to me.

    I accepted the book for review as I have a grand nephew who was making his parents leave restaurants, pick up the dummies he had overturned at the mall shoe store, and making mayhem in public places. Nothing obnoxious, but super curious, hands on little guy, and very verbal. Luckily his parents didn't put him on a leash or anything like that in public places. They seemed able to cope, just.

    Hope you'll check out my review: The Active Creative Child

  2. I have to admit, my kids have a monkey leash. :)

    These kids certainly make life interesting!