Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mint Juleps, Mayhem and Murder by Sara Rosett

4 Stars
R- 1

I LOVE the cover.  Oh look, it's a nice southern porch scene.... wait, what's that in the chair relaxing?  It's a skeleton!

I don't know, it just amuses me.  :D


Another Ellie Avery mystery and this time it's hitting close to home.  Like, really close.  As in, Mitch is a target!

Can Ellie juggle saving her husband, keeping a friend from being arrested for a crime she didn't commit and getting through Livy's first days of Kindergarten?  Of course she can.

I must admit, I didn't quite see this one coming.... should have probably, but didn't.

Counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge, which is probably the only year-long challenge I'm actually going to have finished by the end of this month!

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