Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu

4 stars
R- 2

This was my book club pick this month.  (Yeah, I know, a non-Reader's Choice, what was I thinking?  Oh well.)

Reminiscent of Connie Willis' books, I found this to be a bizarre and amusing book, half sci-fi, half philosophical treatise. 

(I haven't read anything by Douglas Adams, but I imagine there are similarities there, too.)

The first half is funnier, while the second have does have a tendency to wax confusingly philosophical.  I still enjoyed that though.

My favorite parts-- the Microsoft references.  Without a doubt.  Hilarious.

And while this is a total geek/engineer book, it's also totally a book for grammar nerds.  Because really, time travel is all about tense: present, past, future.

So really, I recommend it to any engineering major, humanities or English major, computer science major, etc.  :)

I really think I need to own this one.  :D

Counts for my book club (obviously) and the Support Your Local Library Challenge.

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