Thursday, February 17, 2011

Island Justice by Elizabeth Winthrop

2.5 stars
R- 3

After reading The Castle in the Attic and The Battle for the Castle, I was curious to see what Winthrop's adult novels were like.

I gotta say, I wasn't really impressed.

First, I went in thinking it was a mystery, which it's totally not, so that threw me off a little, but I also could not for the life of me figure out WHEN or WHERE it takes place!  And that drove me INSANE.  The where honestly probably doesn't matter that much once you figure out that it's northern east coast, but the when is a little problematic when you've got characters that appear to be maybe 50 talking about having served in Korea, which makes them more like 70.... which makes no sense.  (I know Korea was in the 1950's-- I watch MASH. lol)

I came to the conclusion that it was maybe the late 1980s.... does that make it historical fiction?

The story kind of meanders.  It's sort of about Maggie, but it's sort of about Anna, but it's sort of more about Erin, except that it's not.  A lot of things end up left unanswered or unaddressed and for all that the title is about justice, I didn't see it.

Frankly there were parts that were just plain disturbing, but painted as normal.  The whole "island life" theme was kind of creepy.  Remind me never to move there.  Yikes.

The more I think about it.... the less I like it. Hmm.....   I've already changed my rating once while writing this review, lol.

All in all, I think I'll stick with her kids' books.

(I have no idea what genre tag to put on this review....)

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