Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nancy Drew Challenge-- Check!

Hey, I finally finished a challenge.... from last year..... whatever, at least I'm finished.

So I have officially read all 56 of the original Nancy Drews..... and I'm feeling seriously OVER Nancy Drew!  Holy Hannah.

I may never read another as long as I live.

But hey, I'm done.



  1. Way to go! I could have never done this, even as much as I loved Nancy Drew back in the day. Now... what's next for you?

  2. I could seriously never ever do it again. ;)

    What's next? Oh, Suey, you wouldn't believe the pile of books that didn't get read this month... I'll never catch up! lol

  3. Well done! I was tired of her too when I finished but now I miss her a little. She was my constant companion for a whole year.

  4. Yeah... but I think it'll be a loooong time before I miss her.... ;)

    Try substituting Mrs. Pollifax- I like her better. :D