Friday, July 22, 2011

Rise Again by Ben Tripp

3 stars
r- 2
violence, language, creepiness

I think this is my first zombie book and all I can say is holy weirdness.

I don't know that "enjoyed" would be the right word, but I did find the book compelling.

The ending is either hopeful or insanely creepy.... I totally can't decide.

This is the kind of book where after you finish you suddenly start remembering bits and pieces that were never explained.  Threads of plot that led nowhere.  Some may have been intentional, but it also probably means the writing needed tightening.  It is a first novel.

The characters are great-- from the tough but very damaged Sheriff Danny Adelman to the "doctor" who has to lead... even though she's much better with animals than people to the interior designer who learns how to not faint at the sight of blood.

Overall, a good post-apocalyptic novel.  Horror, but not unbearably scary.

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