Friday, September 16, 2011

Of Mice and Magic by David Farland

5 stars

"He careened into the living room and peered around.  The big-screen TV squatted amid walls of garish lava lamps, each a different size and color.  Overhead hovered his mom's mirror ball.  On really bad days, she'd ingest half a cup of sugar and just sit in the easy chair, watching the mirror ball whirl in circles as she listened to her My Turn On Earth CD."


Make that brown sugar, give me some lava lamps and a mirror ball and I am SO THERE.  lol

I really enjoyed this fantasy-- really, though I've always loved whatever I've read by Farland.

I LOVE the idea of a mouse wizardess with a human for a familiar.  And I really LOVE the villain's back story.

Overall, just a really fun read.  From a local author too.  :)

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