Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to December

And congrats for having survived November.  It was a close thing around here.  As if NaNo wasn't enough, we all got the stomach flu... the week of Thanksgiving.  Ugh.

Anyway, since this time of year is nutty fudge at best (mmmm fudge....) I've decided to dedicate this month to PICTURE BOOKS.

(With a couple of minor exceptions-- like next week when I review The Girl in the Box)

This is not a new idea, really.  My book club does it every December.  Rather than choosing a book, we get together with kids and all and read stories.  Storytime brunch rocks.  If you don't have such a tradition, you should totally institute it. 

It's also Beehive Nominee time, so expect a lot of Boo Reviews this month.  She's loving filling out the voting slips to turn in at the library.  (And she's a reading fiend.  I'm beginning to understand why I drove my parents nuts as a child...)

Anyway, so stay tuned.  It's gonna be fun.  :)

(Oh, for those dying to know, the final wordcount was 16,872.  My co-author and I are giving ourselves another week, though.)

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