Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Frog Princess (series) by E D Baker

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E D Baker's Frog Princess series consists of 8 books, which divide into three categories:

The Frog Princess Books

These are the first 4 books in the series: The Frog Princess, Dragon's Breath, Once Upon A Curse and No Place for Magic.  They are the books actually about the frog princess (Emma) and prince (Eadric).

I enjoyed them-- 4 stars each, but the upper end of 4 stars, you know?

They're fun, light adventures.

Lots of kissing, though, lol.  After spending so much time as a frog searching for a princess to kiss him, Eadric has a bad habit of asking for a kiss all the time.

I think Once Upon A Curse was my favorite of the four, but you do want to read them in order.

The Prequel

Salamander Spell is a prequel to the series, but not the kind of prequel you want to read first.  It make more sense if you read it after the first four.

The book follows Emma's mother and aunt when they were young, but mostly the aunt.

I enjoyed this one a whole lot more than I expected.  I was initially disappointed that it wasn't about Emma and Eadric and wasn't sure I cared about Grassina's story all that much, but it was fun.

Again- 4 stars.

The Dragon Princess books

The final three books in the series are also not about Emma and Eadric, but about their daughter, Millie.  Obviously they take place years later.

Dragon Princess, Dragon Kiss and A Prince Among Frogs are still fun and on Goodreads I still put 4 stars, but I rounded up.  More like 3.5 stars each.

I simply did not like Millie.

Dragon Kiss was the one I liked the best-- mostly because Millie wasn't in it much.  Terrible thing to say, but the girl drove me nuts.

Overall, it's a fun series and totally worth the read.  Boo read a little bit of one of them, but I think she'll be more interested in a year or two.  I really liked the first half of the series better, though.

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