Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sisters Club by Megan McDonald

5 stars

What a cute book!

This is the first book Boo and I have successfully read and made it to the Great Reads for Girls meeting!  And we had tons of fun.

Boo is rereading the book.... again.

This fun story of three sisters is written in alternating viewpoints, with the middle sister as the main narrator.  Each sister has her own style of writing (as well as a different font and visual style!) which really makes the characters come to life.

Excellent choice for girls age 7 or 8 on up.  (The characters are 8, 10 and 11 or so)

There are two sequels, but younger readers (like Boo) may not be quite as interested as the characters get a little older with each book.  (Or maybe Boo's just weird that way.)


  1. When my daughters were younger, I always said that Great Reads for Girls was the best use of my tax dollars! I'm glad you and Boo get to have that fun experience too!

  2. It is a fun program! We only get to go sometimes and Boo's not ready for some of the books, but it's awesome!