Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Informationist by Taylor Stevens

4 stars
R- 3
Violence, language
reader's choice

Let me start by saying I'm really glad I didn't read all the comparisons to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo before reading this.  Because I don't think they're super accurate or fair.

Which is good, because I really didn't like TGwtDT. 

The writing is not amazing, maybe.  I spent much of the book trying to decide if English was not the author's first language because of some awkward phrasing. 

When you read about the author, though, and find out that she was raised in a cult with no education past like 6th grade and was forbidden to read it's all a lot more forgivable.

While this thriller is really violent, I was intrigued by the characters and the story.  Very curious to read the sequel.

Overall, good read, though perhaps not for the squeamish.

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