Friday, March 9, 2012

Before the Poison by Peter Robinson

3 stars
R- 2
Copy received for review (unsolicited)

Interesting story, but OH MY GOSH how it dragged.

And I mean D R A G G E D dragged.


Too little Grace, too much Chris.  I really didn't care about Chris' life outside his investigation about Grace... and I didn't see any reason I should try to care.

The subplots about him seemed superfluous and some of his ideas... wow.  (The trip to Africa, that's all I'm sayin')

Anyway, like I said, interesting, but I really had to force myself through it.  It took like 5-6 days for me to read it!  It rarely takes me more than 2 days to read a book that length.

Overall, blah.

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