Thursday, March 15, 2012

Con and Conjure by Lisa Shearin

5 stars
R- 2.5

So I have a horrible guilty-secret confession to make.

I never read Con and Conjure when it came out last year.

*GASP*  I know, right?  I'm one of Lisa's biggest fans!  I'm a member of Raine's Rangers!  I tell EVERYONE to read these books!!  And yet it took me until now to read this one.

Why?  Well that's a reasonable question.

Emotional burnout.  Plain and simple.  Ironically, last year I was so burnt out (without getting into it let's just say that extended unemployment and 3 little kids is not a happy combination for anyone) that I was scared to read my favorite series.  (I'm still behind on Tasha Alexander's books and Deanna Raybourn's!)

What if I didn't like the new one as much as the previous ones?!?  That would have been awful, and it was just more than I could face.

Well, I am happy to say that now that I've DEVOURED Con and Conjure, I can assure anyone and everyone that my fears were completely unfounded.

In fact, I very nearly flipped right back to page one and started it all over again.

I still might.

Read the first 4 first, but definitely read this one.

Though, if you're shy, don't read any of them in public.  It's impossible not to laugh out loud and when you try to suppress it you make weird strangly noises.  Weird looks from my husband are one thing... had I been on say, a bus, someone may have tried to have me committed. :)

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