Friday, April 6, 2012

Ghosts I Have Been by Richard Peck

3.5 stars
Sequel to The Ghost Belonged to Me

Soapbox moment:  When you are going to write the summary that goes on the back cover (or the front flap) of a book, do us all a favor and READ THE FREAKING BOOK FIRST.

Since this book takes place AFTER the Titanic sank, clearly Blossom is not seeing the Titanic sink in the FUTURE.  Idiots.

Second soapbox moment:  Can we PLEASE just declare the device where "the hero gets the girl in book one, but they've fallen out of love/drifted apart/whatever in between and have to come together again in book two" DEAD?  Please???

Okay, technically this wasn't a love story situation, but oh my freaking heck, people.  Alexander (who narrated the first book) has become an utter idiot.

And apparently, the same thing happens between books 2 and 3.  LAME.

Sorry, grumpy today.

Anyway-- not a bad story, not as good as the first.

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