Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Reading Saturdays

It's that time again!  Welcome to Summer Reading Saturdays!!

Boo is reading on a 5th grade level (that's LATE 5th grade) and reads CONSTANTLY.  (I'm finally finding some sympathy for what my parents dealt with when I was a child: PUT THE BOOK DOWN FOR TWO SECONDS!)
Accordingly, her Summer Reading sessions are 60 minutes.  She only needs thirty to complete the library program.  She seriously may hit that by the end of June.

Mister could probably read long crazy sessions, too, but Mommy is just not quite up for it and MeiMei gets jealous/grumpy, so we compromised with 15 minute sessions.  His grasp of phonics is getting pretty good, too, so we're hoping to be working on sounding words out this summer.

Sigh.  MeiMei loves books.  LOVES them.  Sometimes to death.  (Unfortunately literally.)
But she loves them on her terms.  She often wants to sit on you while she looks at a book, but you are not allowed to touch the book or read it to her.  You are allowed to answer her questions.  And provide a place to sit.  That is all.
Not feeling overly ambitious- Mommy went with 5 minute sessions for her this summer.

(The adult program is 4 books and 4 free choice, which could be books but could also be things like reading to a child or writing a review.  I'll be done by the end of June.)

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