Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Changes, They's a Comin'....

So, blogging is a little... sporadic.  Well, maybe not sporadic, I'm still posting more often than not, but you may notice the reviews are... brief... er than normal.

That's 'cause we've got stuff going on.

Yeah, like "who doesn't?" right?

But this is big, life-changing stuff.

Want a sneak peek?

Meet LuLu (that would be her "internet name".... we don't have an "actual real legal name" picked out yet, lol).

See what I mean?  Big life-changing changes. :)


  1. Ah, congrats! That's a great excuse for not blogging.

  2. Thanks! The last few days it's been more of an excuse for not reading than not blogging..... lol.