Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poetry Month!! Jack Prelutsky

Growing up we had this great book of silly poems called Something Big Has Been Here.

I loved that book.

And then I grew up and didn't give it a second thought....

Until a package arrived in the mail a few weeks ago with 3 Jack Prelutsky books... and they felt so familiar.

So I looked up Jack Prelutsky and lo and behold-- he wrote Something Big Has Been Here.

We received for review:

*Stardines Swim High Across the Sky

5 stars

Oh my gosh, this is so stinkin' funny!

My favorite are the Bardvaarks.  LOL  Hilarious.

Go read it.  Now.  You won't be sorry.

*The New Kid on the Block

This one is very similar in layout, etc. to Something Big.  I can't tell you my rating, though, because Boo stole it before I got to read it.  And I don't know where she's hiding it. :P

But it looks great.

As does...

*A Pizza the Size of the Sun

I did manage to read the first (title) poem and it was fabulous.  But again, Boo made off with it before I got a chance to read the rest.

I can say, though, from past experience with Prelutsky's poems, that they are recommended.  Go read them.

It is Poetry Month after all.  :D

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