Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 [and] I Dream of an Elephant by Ami Rubinger

4 stars
picture book

This is a great book for a story time.  Or for any child who loves a rhyme.  So, anyone I guess. ;)

The ending of each little couplet is left off, so that the child can supply the appropriate rhyming word.

This one is all about numbers, as each dog tells something about themselves and what number they are.

5 stars
picture book

Like Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10, I Dream of an Elephant leaves the ending rhyme off of each couplet for the kids to fill in, but I liked this one even better.

Each elephant is a different color.

But what rhymes with orange?!


The end is also quite cute, wondering what the elephants dream about.

Bottom line- both highly recommended, especially for the early preschool crowd or storytimes.

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