Thursday, May 2, 2013

Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth by JD Smith

Copy received for review

3 stars

This one was actually hard to rate.  It's a little book made up of poems, essays, stories, etc... and some totally deserve 5 stars... and others I didn't get.

And I didn't read the one on bestiality.

So yeah, definitely a lot of "adult content" though the one about visiting a dominatrix was actually a) not really dirty and b) really kind of interesting.

The section of stories people have told him in his travels felt confusing because there's no context.  And they're written in the first person.  So that just threw me off a bit.

My favorite page, hands down, was "Rejected Menu Item Proposals for Disney World".  Hilarious.

And what were the proposals? you ask.

Crab Sebastian

Hakuna Frittata (I LOVE that one.  Too funny.)

Jasmine Rice

Pocahummus (I also really love that one.)

Mickey Mousse (They should totally name a dessert Mickey Mousse!)

The other odd thing about this little volume-- I actually had to look up words.  I never have to look up words.

Granted one that I looked up also had stumped, so I still don't quite know what that was all about.

Overall, it was a mixed bag for me.

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