Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx by Linda A Cadose

Copy received for review

This  is  a  boo  review.
4 stars
This book was about Cliff Post who discovered a hidden chamber in the great sphinx with the help of two other explorers.
I liked it because it was science and adventure and fiction at the same time.  My favorite part was when they finally got to cut open the sphinx.
(It should have had a platypus though.)

Here's mom's review.
2 stars

I really wanted to like this one.  Mystery, intrigue, archaeology...  It even had crystal skulls for crying out loud!  (I admit, I totally enjoyed the most recent Indiana Jones movie.  Cheesiness and all.)

But the story felt shallow and under-developed.

Honestly, it was like a plot outline for what would be a totally awesome thriller/action/mystery... if it had been fleshed out.  The bare bones are there, but not a lot else.

But, I am not the target audience, and Boo liked it enough to ask if there was a sequel and the next week at the school library she checked out a book on pyramids, so what do I know?

I would LOVE for the author to flesh out a full-fledged (full-fleshed? lol) adult novel out of this.  That I would totally read.

I gotta suggest, though, in the current incarnation, it really needs a glossary.  There are several terms in italics throughout (which kind of drove me nuts) but there's no glossary to be found.  That would be a great addition for future printings.

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