Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fire Watch (novella) and Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

Fire Watch
5 stars

This novella/short story/whatever you want to call it is the earliest entry, in terms of when they were written, in Connie Willis' time-travel books.

It technically happens after Doomsday Book... or before... or after.... depending on how you look at it... Gah!  Time travel!


In terms of the "present" (which is really the future to us readers, but whatever) in Oxford, it's after.  Let's just leave it at that, shall we?  Otherwise my brain might explode.

So, this is a pretty quick read and really you can read it whenever, but you really want to read it BEFORE reading Blackout/All Clear.

LOVE the philosophical "what is a historian?" "what is history?" "what is important?" stuff in this one!

Doomday Book
5 stars

As the title may indicate, this is not the most cheerful book.  Darker than the later To Say Nothing of the Dog (which I read first, but I'm reviewing them in order, so be patient), this still isn't that dark.  It's a great read about life in 1348/49.

Yeah, I know, that's the black death, so maybe "a great book about death" would be more appropriate.


Look, it's been a long week, okay?

Technically this is a reread for me, but I must have originally read it before I started blogging, because somehow I've never reviewed it.

Okay, this review makes even less sense than my reviews normally do.

Let's just say TOTALLY RECOMMENDED and leave it at that, eh?

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