Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! (A Picture Book Roundup)

Here are some spooky reads for you.

Snip! Snap! What's That?
5 stars
Okay, so maybe this isn't technically a Halloween book.  It actually is one that was read at the alligator/crocodile storytime a couple of weeks ago.
But the alligator works as a "monster" and we're calling it a spooky read.
This one is awesome.  I love it.  The kids love it.  It's got a good message without being at all preachy or hitting you over the head with it.
And it's a fun one to read aloud to kids because they can do the repetitive part.

Open Very Carefully
5 stars
Also an croc book, this one is a great read about what happens when a croc gets stuck in a book he shouldn't be in.  And what can be done about it.
And how he'll get out.
Overall, we love this one.

Monsters on the Loose!
5 stars from the kids, 4 from me
(received for review)
My kids LOVE these.  They're a look-n-find and a mystery all in one.  This one follows Frankenstein through various spooky scenes as he searches to find who stole the candy.

Pinkalicious: Pink or Treat
(received for review)
Boo and I give this one 4 stars, and I'm not sure what Mister or MeiMei would rate it, but they like it.
When the power goes out, everyone is worried it's the end of Halloween, but Pinkalicious has a plan.
Cute enough.

AlphaOops: H is for Halloween
5 stars (Boo wants to give it 10, lol)
After checking out AlphaOops a few weeks ago, Mister really wanted to get this one from the library too.  And I'm glad we did, because it's super cute.  From "B" who keeps picking costumes that other letters are already wearing, to "Q is for queasy", I love it.
(Also, I totally love that the alphabet is slowly being filled in along the bottom of each page.)

Hedgehug's Halloween
4 stars
(received for review)
This one is really cute, but I think it suffers for being a smaller size.  My kids aren't picking it at all and I think it's because it just gets lost among the bigger books.
Which is sad, because it's a fun little story about Hedgehug's search for a costume that his prickly little self can actually wear.

Halloween Night
5 stars
(received for review)
This one is awesome for us, because Mister has kind of an obsession with "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and this is just like that, only it's Halloween.
Really really cute.

Splat the Cat: What Was That?
A lift-the-flap book
4 stars
Spike and Splat are out trick-or-treating, debating whether or not to go to the last spooky house.  Seymour runs ahead, so they have to go, but they keep hearing scary sounds.
Cute story.  We really like Splat books.

The Monster Machine
3 stars
This wasn't quite as cute as I wanted it to be, and the kids seem to have lost interest pretty fast.  It's still kind of cute, but I'm glad it's a library book.

More great reads:
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