Saturday, October 19, 2013

Picture Book Round-up

King Hugo's Huge Ego
Random titles we've had out from the library of late.  'Cause there have been too many to write up that many separate posts. ;)
But hey, should you be doing your Christmas shopping in a bookstore you just might want to look for some of these titles.  (If you aren't doing your Christmas shopping in a bookstore... um.... I don't know what to tell you.  That's a foreign concept.)

Press Here
by Herve Tullet
5 stars
This interactive picture book, with it's silly instructions and minimalist illustrations, has definitely been a favorite.  Mister especially loves this one.
Overall, super super cute.  We might really need to own this one.

Not a Box
by Antoinette Portis
5 stars
I love this one.  Again, a favorite of Mister's.  Simple text and illustrations inspire the child to be creative and fill in blanks.  Makes me want to give the kids boxes for Christmas.... ;)
Again, we really may need to own this one....

King Hugo's Huge Ego
by Chris Van Dusen
5 stars
This is probably my favorite.  LOVE this hilarious tale of a king and his ego and the sorceress that shows him how arrogant he's being.  Love the awesome vocabulary used.  Love the illustrations.
Boo and Mister each read this over and over, and with the length and difficulty of the words I think the older kids are the better target audience.
Overall, hilarious, fabulous, awesome.  A definite MUST READ.

The Unruly Queen
by E S Redmond
4 stars
This is an epic of reverse psychology.  By crowning Minerva the Unruly Queen, the nanny explains that she's off the rule in a land where no one ever behaves, so she'll fit right in!  Of course, Minerva ends up behaving, deciding that what she has sounds far better than being the Unruly Queen, even if it means giving up the crown.
Cute with a fun rhyming text.

The Cloud Spinner
by Michael Catchpool
Meh.  I'm not even going to rate this one because I just feel entirely apathetic.  And the kids don't choose it either.  So... yeah.  Nothing else to say really.

A Bus Called Heaven
by Bob Graham
3.5 stars
This is a cute little story, but it didn't seem to grab the attention of any of the kids.  An abandoned bus brings together a community, but it's a short picture book with not much depth to the story.  I found myself kind of wishing there was more about Stella and the bus and the others.... like a middle grade coming-of-age or something.

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