Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Seven Wonders {Series} by Peter Lerangis

*This is a Boo Review

Short Story (0.5): The Select
5 stars
Book 1: The Colossus Rises
5 stars
Book 2: Lost in Babylon
5 stars
Short Story (2.5): The Orphan
5 stars
Book 3: Tomb of Shadows
5 stars

[Copies of Tomb of Shadows and the 2 short stories received for review, others were checked out from the library.]

Jack, Ally, and Cass have to find the loculi- so that they can be cured.  The loculi are hidden in the seven wonders of the world-- either now or in the past.  The kids all have powers or talents: Ally can hack anything, Cass has a photographic memory... Jack's power hasn't quite been figured out yet.


{Note from Mommy:  Boo is on a "I hate reviews" kick, so it was seriously like pulling teeth just to get that much out of her.  She DEVOURED all of the books, though, and took it as a personal affront that the rest of the planned books aren't out yet.}

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