Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chickies-- Summer Reading Saturday LuLu Edition

Oh my gosh, the love that girl has for these chickie boardbooks!  (We received them for review)

Bedtime for Chickies
by Janee Trasler

"It's bedtime for chickies, it's bedtime for sheep.  It's bedtime for pig and cow, let's all go to..."
*page turn*
"Cheep cheep cheep.  We can't sleep.  We're thirsty."

Everyone in my house has this memorized.  LuLu brings it to someone to read multiple times a day.

While not actually my favorite, it is cute and can be fun to read.
(And the pictures are hilarious.)

Dinnertime Chickies

"We can't eat this, it's too drippy.  We want something chocolate-chippy."
"Just one pint-sized peewee peck? You might like it you should check."
*page turn*
"Mmmmmmm.  Pass the meatballs, pass the peas, pass the macaroni please!"

THIS one is my favorite.  It cracks me up.  And has a good message to boot-- the chickies end up liking everything they try.

Pretty sure everyone has this one memorized too... LuLu's on quite the kick.

There is a third one-- Potty Time Chickies or something, which we also received, but I'm not that into potty training books... and this one was just kind of... weird.  Funny as an adult, but weird thinking about reading it with a child.... and there were a couple of "let's not give the kids any ideas" type moments.

Bottom line-- Bedtime and Dinnertime are highly recommended for the ages 1-4 ish set.  :)

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