Friday, August 22, 2014

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

5 stars

This was a HUGE hit in my house.  Across the board.

Mister enjoyed it, Boo LOVED it, I found it hilarious.

When Dad leaves for milk and takes forever to come home, he needs a good story to explain the lengthy absence.  The result is part Hitchhiker's Guide and part... craziness, lol.  But fortunately, the milk. :)

Boo is THRILLED that it's the first book up when Great Reads for Girls resumes at our library in September.  (And since it features a dad, dads are invited.  Which works nicely with the whole "new baby" thing in our house.)

I think we probably need to own this one.  It's definitely that good.

HIGHLY recommended for ages 4-ish on up through great-great-grandparents.  If you're starting to think about Christmas book-giving, this one could work for almost anyone on your list. :)

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