Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Round-up Passover Edition

Our friends at Kar-Ben publishing have some cool Passover titles this year.  We haven't read any of them yet, but wanted to spotlight them for those looking for fun Passover books!

After a long day of cooking and cleaning, Papa, Mama, Hannah, and Noah Sheep are all ready for Passover seder in And Then Another Sheep Turned Up. But just as they're about to sit down and begin, Grandma Sheep shows up! She's not the only unexpected guest that arrives during the seder, as Uncle Sol, Grandpa, Danny and Sharon, and finally Aunt Deb all join the celebration. Told in buoyant rhyme, this newest Passover story from Kar-Ben includes all the most important parts of a Passover seder while telling the story of the Sheep family's surprising evening!

Engineer Ari has only one day to gather all the things he needs for a seder with his friends in Engineer Ari and the Passover Rush, the fourth story in Kar-Ben's popular Engineer Ari series. Luckily, his many friends and neighbors happily share their seder plate items with him. In return, Engineer Ari promises to bring them matzah from the matzah factory in Jerusalem. He enjoys watching the workers make the matzah, but will he make it back to Jaffa in time to celebrate the seder with Jessie and Nathaniel? The "Engineer Ari" series is inspired by the historic train from Jaffa to Jerusalem rail line, built in 1892, which shortened the journey between the cities from 3 days to 3 ½ hours.

One minute, twins Scarlett and Sam are bickering about who's going to read the Four Questions at the Passover seder. The next minute, they've been swept up by Grandma Mina's time-traveling carpet and dumped in the ancient Egyptian desert! And as if being stranded 3,000 years in the past isn't bad enough, they also find their fellow Hebrews suffering in slavery.
So they team up with Moses, Aaron, and Miriam to help free the slaves. The future's looking bright! But the story they know so well doesn't turn out the way they expected . . .

Hannah, in The Littlest Levine, hates being the littlest Levine. She can't ride the school bus like her sister and brother. During Sukkot, she needs help hanging her decorations in the Sukkah, and on Hanukkah she's not allowed to light candles by herself. "Be patient," her grandpa tells her, "soon you'll be proud to be the littlest Levine." Every evening in the weeks before Passover, she studies with her grandpa, and when the seder comes, it's finally Hannah's turn to shine!

Seder in the Desert invites you to join a group of families as they follow Rabbi Jamie into Moav, Utah to celebrate a most unusual Passover seder in the desert. As they hike through the sandstone and red rock desert, they learn important lessons about the Israelites' exodus from Egypt, such as the importance of helping one another. Together, the community hikes, learns, laughs, sings, debates, and enjoys the delicious Passover seder meal. The story is accompanied by photos of the celebration as well as stunning desert scenery by award-winning photographer Jeff Finkelstein.

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