Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Long Non-Bookish Snarky Post

**Warning: long post containing possibly egregious snark**

So, my Shutterfly package went on vacation to Colorado.

I emailed customer service asking why it had left Utah and nearly coming to my house and got back a general "the estimated delivery date is between [this day and this day]-- if you have not received it at that time please contact us" which is not actually helpful.

Here's my (possibly unnecessarily snarky) response:

"Okay, no offense, but that's possibly the least helpful response possible.

Maybe I didn't make my concern clear-- my concern is not that the package is late, I was concerned that there was something incorrect in the shipping information sending the package hundreds of miles out of the way. If nothing else, it seemed like a company would like to know that something like that had occurred since it can't possibly be either efficient or cost-effective for your company to ship a package nearly to its destination and then send it on vacation in another state. I'm sure Colorado is quite nice in the spring and that my photos are having a lovely time, but it seems rather silly for them to be sent there.

If this is a random occurrence but nothing is wrong with the shipping information and my photos are merely making an entirely circuitous route to my home, then feel free to disregard my messages. I was hoping to be helpful in that either there was a problem in the shipping information and catching it earlier would be better than later or your company could save shipping costs by correcting whatever routing makes some packages randomly go elsewhere needlessly. Next time, I shall simply wait until the package is late and risk things being beyond repair."

Their response?

"We thank you for contacting Shutterfly.

Please accept our apologies for the previous response. We see that the order is expected to be delivered by April 15, 2015. If you have not received it by then, please write to us. We will be glad to assist you further.

Thank you for choosing Shutterfly. Please let us know if we can offer additional information. "

Oh gee, thanks.

Here's the thing-- I love Shutterfly.  I do.  But oh my gosh, can you be any less helpful?

Basically what they're saying is either a) your package isn't late, so we're not going to actually read your email or b) we don't know the answer to that, so here's a stock response.

Anyway, the package arrived ahead of time, safe and sound, and looking quite relaxed for its get-away. ;)

And what was in this package, you ask?  Pictures of this cute little Pixie, done by Lani Wilkinson Photography!

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