Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Reading Saturday

Wowsers, where did the summer go??

So, this year the library added a "Ravenous Reader" option-- basically when you finish your 30 sessions you can get a new form and when you finish that set of 30 you can get a new one... etc etc.

Boo and Mister have filled in 2 each.... I need to go get them more.

Boo asked our branch's teen librarian for reading suggestions and checked out a huge pile of books... which lasted her one week.  Not even kidding.  She finished like 11 books in that week.  (And I'm not talking short books here, people!)

Thankfully they were mostly series, so we can keep putting more on hold.  Tamora Pierce's books are her main obsession right at the moment.  She's read 7 of them in 2 weeks.  (Four of those were part of the 11 the first week.)

Mister?  Well.... Mister's harder.  He tends to lose interest partway through a series.  Unless it's Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which wouldn't be my first choice really, but he reads them over and over again) or Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales (which I think are great, but at some point, dude, you gotta read something new!).... He does better with nonfiction to some extent so maybe we need to browse that more.

People talk a lot about how there's inequality in literature and there aren't as many books with girl protagonists.... I don't see how that's true.  I have a MUCH harder time finding something for Mister that is the right reading level but that isn't just basically one big fart joke.... finding books with girls for Boo is much easier.  And has been at every reading level.

MeiMei is tricky for different reasons-- the main one being I have NO DESIRE to read a mound of Rainbow Magic fairy books to her like I did with Boo at this age.  I'm pretty over those, lol.  But we've found some really fun options.  She loves animals, so that's where we've been focusing.

LuLu just loves to be read to.  I don't think she cares what sometimes, lol.

Pixie just wants to eat the books, so that's trickier.  ;)

Well, that's a nice rambly post to make up for my lack of Summer Reading Saturday posts!  How's summer reading going at your house?


  1. Britt! You should join us for Utah Book Month stuff this month!

  2. I saw that-- I should. I'm woefully unprepared, though! This has not been a summer of much reading for me and I'm trying to catch up and get back into blogging regularly. I'll look and see if I have any Utah books waiting for review. :)

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