Thursday, October 22, 2015

Still Night in L.A. by Aram Saroyan

3 stars
r- 2?
copy received for review

So the subtitle is "A Detective Novel" but really it's more of a novella.  Very quick read.

It was interesting, and I liked the concept of the the cell phone photos throughout, though I wished they had seemed like they had anything to do with what was going on.

Also, there was a lot of random stray threads.  Normally I would say this is a "first novel" poor editing kind of problem, but in this case they actually seemed intentional in a "poetic chaos" kind of a way.

(Yeah, I know, poetic chaos probably isn't a thing.  I made it up.  It was the best descriptor I could come up with.)

All in all, not a bad mystery but not quite my thing.

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