Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Republic of Imagination: A Life in Books by Azar Nafisi

5 stars
nonfiction/memoir/literary commentary
book club (my pick)
copy received for review

I love this book.

I finished it and just wanted to bask in it before starting anything else.

I want to read (or reread) all of the books she discusses and then read this again.

With a highlighter.

I picked it for book club and texted my high school English teacher to tell her to read it.

Now, it wasn't perfect... the rant against Common Core in the middle got to be a bit much.  Not necessarily because I disagreed with her point, but because her point got lost a bit in just ranting.

(Let's not talk about Common Core, though, okay? I think it's good and bad but that both sides' fanatics are making things worse. Balance, people.  We need it.)


I loved how her memoir stories were woven in with analysis.  I love discussing books and reading about her discussing books with her friends and students spoke to me.

It kind of makes me want to take a lit class.  (Until I think how terrifying homework would be with my five-kid-circus....)

I took pictures of pages with my phone to send quotes to my friend.

Read it.  Just go read it. :)

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