Friday, December 18, 2015

all the words are yours by tyler knott gregson

haiku on love

4 stars
received for review

Yes, some of them are a little cheesy.

Yes, some of them are a little more specifically about sex.

Yes, they get repetitive.

But overall, I really enjoyed this little collection.

My favorites:

You Are More than Words
And the letters that Make them,
You Are Poetry.

I wish I had more,
more letters, more words, more time
to write all you are.

Love me as I am,
see me for who I will be,
forgive who I was.

I'm passing my copy on to a friend who runs Unbox Love and The Loveumentary.  If you aren't familiar you should definitely go check them out.  (Dates would be a pretty awesome thing to give for Christmas, right?)

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