Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Coloring Books

Okay, so chances are you've done your shopping by now, but for you procrastinators (or crazy people like me who are already thinking about next Christmas*) here are some excellent coloring choices for the color-ers in your life.

(Most if not all received for review)

Thankfulness to Color by Zoe Ingram
Filled with great pictures to color and quotes on gratitude, this is a great choice all year, but especially in the fall. (Only complaint, pages are double sided so sometimes you may have to sacrifice a design)

Mehndi Designs by Creative Haven
Awesome designs, single side only.

Coloring ___________ Mandalas by Wendy Piersall
Fill in the blank.  Ocean.  Dream.  Animal.  Flower.  Piersall has a whole series.  I've got a few of them and they're pretty great.  Single-sided and interesting.

Daily Zen Doodles by Meera Lee Patel
A quote and a doodle for every day of the year.  What more could you want??

Christmas to Color by Mary Tanana
Again double-sided, which is a bummer.  But gorgeous designs.

My Mother, My Heart by Eleri Fowler
Okay, so this could totally be a "shop ahead for Mother's Day" instead of a "I totally procrastinated Christmas".  Double-sided, but with great quotes and drawings.

Joyous Blooms to Color by Eleri Fowler
More awesome quotes and pictures.  This would be good all year.

Wise Words to Color by Zoe Ingram
Similar to the last few, this one has an emphasis on quotes in cool fonts to color.  It's lots of fun.

*Congrats on making it all the way down to find this.  Yes, I have honestly purchased stuff for next Christmas.  In fact, the other night I bought things for the Christmas after that.  Yes, I'm crazy.

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