Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Favorites

Good Night! Good Night!
by Carin Berger

Oh my gosh.  The cuteness.

I love the illustrations and I find the text not only amusing, but fun to read aloud.

(And let me tell you, as a mom who loves books and reading but doesn't always actually love to read aloud.... fun to read aloud is a big deal.)

This is Pixie's FAVORITE right now.  Hands down.  She asks for it at bedtime EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  I think the older kids are getting tired of it, lol.

But Pixie is devoted.  In fact, though she has long been a child of few words, she does in fact say "Goodnight Goodnight".

LuLu also enjoys this one, though she's not as obsessed.

Highly recommended.

Plant the Tiny Seed
by Christie Matheson

Companion to Tap the Magic Tree (and apparently Touch the Brightest Star, though I'm not familiar with that one), this is a great interactive picture book.

Both Pixie and LuLu enjoy the interactive aspect.  Heck, I think MeiMei does too, so this clearly has a wider appeal than some picture books.

We definitely recommend this one.

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