Thursday, February 23, 2017

Everydaycook by Alton Brown

This Time It's Personal

4 stars

From GoodReads:
My name is Alton Brown, and I wrote this book. It’s my first in a few years because I’ve been a little busy with TV stuff and interwebs stuff and live stage show stuff. Sure, I’ve been cooking, but it’s been mostly to feed myself and people in my immediate vicinity—which is really what a cook is supposed to do, right? Well, one day I was sitting around trying to organize my recipes, and I realized that I should put them into a personal collection. One thing led to another, and here’s EveryDayCook. There’s still plenty of science and hopefully some humor in here (my agent says that’s my “wheelhouse”), but unlike in my other books, a lot of attention went into the photos, which were all taken on my iPhone (take that, Instagram) and are suitable for framing. As for the recipes, which are arranged by time of day, they’re pretty darned tasty. 

I love Alton Brown's stuff.  

And while this isn't quite Good Eats in the same way his other books are, it's still seriously awesome.

There are several I'm definitely going to try.  Though admittedly a lot of them will probably have to wait until I'm not cooking with the 5-ring-circus that currently makes up my evenings.

(I seriously want to see a competition show where they have to cook with only what's on hand while a toddler is screaming at their feet, a young child is trying to "help", and an older child needs help with homework.  I would watch that.)

My one complaint is that the text-on-picture format of some of the pages made parts hard to read.

Overall, give this one a try.  Even if you don't cook, read it for the funny. :)

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