Saturday, February 4, 2017

Picture Book Round-Up

(copies received for review)

What This Story Needs Is a Bang and a Clang
by Emma Virjan
a Pig in a Wig book

Sad to say, I think MeiMei might be outgrowing this delightful series.  This latest installment is just as cute as the others, though, and luckily I have more littles to enjoy them.

I Am Not a Chair!
by Ross Burach

Oh... I wanted to love this one.  Actually if you took out just one page I WOULD love it.  But I fail to see why the giraffe needed to yell out "I need to pee!" in the course of the story.  Now I recognize that some may call me a prude, but things like that bother me.  My husband, who is not nearly as easily bothered, also felt it was inappropriate and out of place, so it's not just me.
I'm trying to decide if I would have been more or less bothered if the giraffe had actually gone to the bathroom after yelling it out.  On the one hand it may have bothered me just as much as the yelling about it, but on the other hand at least it wouldn't have been so pointless for him to yell it out to begin with.

I Do Not Like Al's Hat
by Erin McGill

This one just didn't do anything for me.  Cute I guess, but not as cute as I wanted it to be.

Frank and Lucky Get Schooled
by Lynne Rae Perkins

Possibly I've already blogged about this one, but it's one we've had out lately so it's more on my mind.  Really cute, if slightly wordy.  Maybe not ideal for reading aloud, but a good one for early elementary kids reading on their own.

Flip & Fin: Super Sharks to the Rescue!
by Timothy Gill

Another really fun Flip & Fin book-- this time the crazy sharks are going to save the day!

Dirt + Water = MUD
by Katherine Hannigan

A cute story of a girl and her dog, told entirely in simple equations!  This one is really fun.

Woodpecker Wants a Waffle
by Steve Breen

Oh my gosh, this book!  I love it.  It's hilarious.  Though the other animals laugh at his desire for waffles, the woodpecker is determined to try them.  The ensuing antics are pretty great.
Give this one a try for sure.

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