Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat

by Christopher R Edwards Jr and Carlos O Hardy

2.5 stars
received for review (I think anyway.... a long time ago....)


An interesting concept, though I agree with another reviewer that there was too much magic (seriously, opening doors? some things just shouldn't require a spell).  I didn't find many of the characters likable and there was far too much description in some areas (I don't need to know every character's height) and not nearly enough in others (316 pages and I still don't know what a "Guide" is).

Overall, I think this was an awesome early draft that unfortunately didn't get the attention needed from a good editor.

(This is my "something old".... after all I'm pretty sure it's been in my possession longer than at least one of my kids.)

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