Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading

4 stars
received for review

The beginning of my "Month in which I will read ALL THE ARCs".

I'm rating them based on how many of my children the ARC is older than...

This one might actually not be older than anyone.  Shockingly.


A really fun concept with a beast of a cliff-hanger ending!

And so far there does not seem to be a sequel out there. :P

Four stars might be a bit of a rounding up, because it did have some editing/consistency issues, but it was an enjoyable (if sometimes predictable) adventure.

I should point out that Boo made off with this one when we got it (she was probably 10 or so) and devoured it.

She stole it again as soon as I finished it.

She loves it.

She's still mad there's no sequel yet.

Overall, lots of fun.

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