Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster

5 stars
received for review (this is only older than 1 of my children)


I found the text accessible and incredibly interesting and as soon as I finished I handed it to my gamer husband, because really.

My other issue with it was one of clumsy organization.... but I couldn't actually fault it for that since I couldn't think of an easier/better way to do it either.

I ended up reading all of the comic-y pages and then all of the text... which is good and bad, but it worked for me.

DO NOT skip the notes-- I ended up with a bookmark for the text and for the notes because they were just as interesting as the text itself.

This is NOT a book on how to design a game.  It's all theory.

If that sounds like your thing-- get this.  Because it was just really cool.

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