Saturday, July 22, 2017

Even More.... Picture Books

Because.... I'm caught up (ish) on current books to review until I read something else.... and I don't feel like digging through the backlog of books I never reviewed.

So yeah.

Picture books.

Cockatoo, Too by Bethanie Deeney Murguia
Cute illustrations with minimal text.
Don't let the lack of variation in the text fool you into thinking it's easy to read aloud, though.... 'cause not so much, lol.

Won Ton
Won Ton and Chopstick
by Lee Wardlaw
Both told in haiku, the first tells the story of a cat being chosen at the shelter and taken home-- all from the cat's point of view.
The second is also told by the cat but involves a new pet, a puppy, joining the family.
These are so so fun and if you haven't tried them you really need to.

Even Monsters Need to Sleep
by Lisa Wheeler
Very similar to MeiMei's beloved Sleep Black Bear Sleep, but maybe not quite as well executed?  I don't know... I have mixed feelings there.  But the illustrations are Chris Van Dusen, which is always a good thing.  And overall they're really cute.

Life on Mars
by Jon Agee
This is a major LuLu favrorite at the moment.  And it really is fun.
The text maybe isn't amazing, but the real story is happening in the pictures, so don't let the text fool you.  Also don't skip the last page (there's not more text, but again, it's about the pictures).

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