Friday, June 1, 2018

Father's Day Round-Up

So.... Father's Day.

Father's Day is less than a month after my husband's birthday and he is the world's most impossible person to shop for.... so.... yeah.

(I left this draft open on my computer and he saw it and mocked me, but I swear to you it's the truth.)

What to do.... what to do?

Well, if your husband/dad/brother/father-figure-person likes to cook and likes beer, then you should totally go with:

Personally, I don't drink... nor does my husband (or my father... or really anyone else I'd be shopping for for Father's Day) BUT between the cheesy goodness and punny names this cookbook is a hit for me.  

If, like my husband, someone on your list loves baseball:

Or if they're into nature and the outdoors:

A history buff?  Try this (which looks FASCINATING):

How about the guy who's always working out?  I found titles for him too:

I hope that round-up helps someone...... lol.

(I have received some of these for review... They'll be reviewed in more depth in other posts.)

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