Friday, June 8, 2018

The Pages Between Us by Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom


Book 1: The Pages Between Us
4.5 stars (received for review)

Book 2: In the Spotlight
5 stars (I might have received this one for review too but I honestly can't remember....)

Book 1: Okay so normally this maybe isn't my thing, but I'm a SUCKER for "letter game" style novels (I blame Patricia Wrede) and so I had to read it.

And I loved it.  Because wow.

A great tale of friendship and growing up and changing and all the messiness of all of it.

Book 2: Oh my word, it spoke to me even more than the first one.

There was more I could relate to in this second installment.

Overall, these are great middle grade friendship books.  Recommended!

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  1. I read the first one, and it was a little too young for me, but I want to read them with my daughter.