Thursday, November 13, 2008

A word about "ratings"

On each review, I'm going to give the book in question some "ratings". The number of stars indicates how much I enjoyed the book-- 5 stars being the highest. The "risquety" (sure it's a word, I just said it, right?) will be how, well, risque the book is. A "0" is completely clean, "1" has some inuendo, but I would still recommend it to, say, my teenage sister. A "2" indicates that I probably wouldn't recommend it for most teens, but wouldn't worry about recommending it to adults. A "3" means I would recommend it to most adults, but I would include a disclaimer. A "4" means I finished the book, but there's enough in it that I probably would not recommend it. A "5" means I didn't even finish the book.
Violence and language don't bother me as much, so I'm not going to rate those as much, but if the violence is heavy, I'll put a "V" and if there's a lot of language, I'll put an "L" or "L+".
Clear as mud? I thought so.
I'll also try to include little details like number of pages, genre, etc.


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  2. As fans of your site and reviews, the HarperCollins Children's Books publicity team would love to get direct contact information and work with you in the future. Can you confirm what types of books you are interested in reviewing so that we can send you ones that are suited for your site?

  3. Hi, Jackie! You can email me directly at schriftstellarin(at)
    I review mostly YA and up, but also review a fair amount of YF/JF or Middle Grade books and love to review picture books that I read with my kids.