Friday, December 26, 2008


Lisa Shearin left a comment on my blog!! WOWSERS!
AND the first chapters of her next book are up on her site!! WOOHOO! Now it just needs to come out so I can read the whole thing. (After I finish rereading the others of course.)
So, you can check it all out here: though I should warn you, chapter 3 ends in a terrible place. I mean really. "We need to talk" is a terrible place to end. Grrr.

On a side note- I looked up Ghostwalk to remind myself what it was, since I can't remember reading it. Yeah, I still really don't. I guess that means I have to read it again. Weird that I don't remember at all. Usually I at least remember that I read something. Reading the summary and part of the first chapter excerpt-- I remember looking at it, but not reading the whole thing. Really weird.

The Sisters Grimm, Fairy Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley
5 Stars

The first in a great kids series, Fairy Tale Detectives tells the story of sisters who find that after months and months of foster care, their grandmother has been found and they are going to live with her. Which lands them in a crazy town settled forever ago by "everafters"-- fairy tale characters. Because the stories of the brothers Grimm (the girls' ancestors) were really history and the Grimm family has been keeping the characters in line for centuries.
I love these books! Such a fun series. There are.... at least 6 books out. Looks like no 7 yet. I could stalk the site ( but it doesn't actually have book 6 on there yet. Which I've read, so I know it exists. Anyway, you can find out all about 1-5 on the site, and 6 is called Tales from the Hood. Really fun, quick reads all.

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  1. HOw cool that Lisa Shearin commented on your blog! I will have to check out the Fairy Tale Detectives.