Saturday, December 27, 2008

Something I never do... and overdue books

Note that the overdue books are NOT the something I never do. :D
So, the something I NEVER do is take time out from something I'm reading to read something else. Seriously, never.
But, here's where the overdue books come in-- I had TWO books due yesterday that I totally could not renew! Now- as my husband had already left for work and I really did want to read them, I didn't have him take them back. AND the roads out there are SCARY! AND I have a snot encrusted, coughing child (oh the joys of motherhood). So really, it was worth the 30 cents to stay home all day and read them.
The first was--

Chalice by Robin McKinley
4.5 stars
R-1 maybe

I love Robin McKinley. Her books are excellent and this was no exception. My only problem with it was that it was one of those books where you are thrown into the culture/land/whatever of the story with no background, so you have to figure out as things develop (that really looks like it's spelled wrong.... weird) who people are and why they're there. I still don't know what some of the characters titles meant, but oh well. It doesn't actually interfere with the story, it's just me being CDO (that's obsessive/compulsive disorder, but alphabetically as it should be).
Chalice is, of course, extremely well written with fabulous character development. The passage of time is a little jerky, but it works for the story.
Really an excellent read.

The other book was--

Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale
5 stars
graphic novel- totally fine for kids

Now, when I say totally fine for kids, I don't necessarily mean my own. My older one's friend LOVED it, but I can't see mine sitting through the whole thing. You never know, though. I'll have to check it out again to try it.
I LOVE the storyline. Oh my word, it was funny! Rapunzel kicks butt, which is way more my kind of fairy tale. I am not that fond of damsels in distress. (Not to be confused with Damsel In This Dress which I am totally a fan of--
Anyhow-- awesome tale! And since it's a graphic novel it's a quick read. Also, it's illustrated by Nathan Hale (no relation to the other Hales) who has a great blog-- and there's a link there for Rapunzel paper dolls! (Thanks to my friends at for posting the link!)

Okay, so now those two overdue books are back at the library where they belong....

And I'll go back to reading Magic Lost, Trouble Found.....


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  1. 30 cents versus scary roads and such. I think it is totally worth it. Glad to hear you liked Rapunzel's Revenge and thanks for the knod our direction. I wasn't expecting my daughter to read it all the way the through, but she carried it around the house for days, pouring over the pictures. She wanted to read the book, so we did. It did take several days to get through it though.